artwork with rainbow colored circles on a white background

Michelle Jader

It all begins with an idea, a feeling or a moment that I want to explore into several paintings. I make notes, sketch, create mood boards, gather images. Then I start to pull out what grabs my attention and is asking to be examined further. With that, I develop an outline of the images I need, call models and set a date to bring the ideas to life.

The next step is the elaborate photoshoot. Together my models and I bring the concept to life. I devise the wardrobe and they jump, leap, dive and spin for me while I shoot stills or videos. Using the reference photos as a guide, Michelle Jader paints images on several layers of acrylic panels. The oil paints dry relatively slowly, which gives her time to create different effects. She moves the panels back and forth throughout the painting process to get a better understanding of how the layers work together to develop with each painting session.

This particular painting hangs from the ceiling to create the illusion of movement with no beginning and no end. Calming Chaos is among a few within The Vendue’s permanent collection.

Michelle Jader is also represented locally by Robert Lange Studios at 2 Queen Street.

Calming Chaos

48” x 36”

Painting of a woman in a red dress dancing

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Featured at The Vendue – Charleston’s Art Hotel.