woman in red dress sitting in The Vendue lobby drinking a martini with a white frenchie dog

An Art hotel. Staring isn’t rude.

We have a thing for art. Wander around. Get audacious. Get inspired. Soak it up. It might spark conversation. It might provoke. But mostly, we hope it pleases you well.

Our Ace Artist in Residence

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Fred Jamar

Fred Jamar, our artist in residence whose studio is at 26 Vendue, is a native of Belgium. He has quite a backstory. You’ll be surprised. Swing by. Say hello, and ask him about it while you immerse yourself in his paintings.

View Fred's Work

Art Inquiries

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Yes, most of our art is for sale. Take a piece home with you. If it speaks to you here, it will surely sing to you there. Are you an artist? We like you already. Maybe our walls should host you? Let’s find out.

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