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The Vendue


Waking up is a gift.

Shake off the good sleep. Caffeine in the room with a robe that pairs nicely. And we’ll have breakfast pastries delivered at whatever time you prefer. Morning person or not, you’re about to wake up happy.

View The Rooms

Yawn. Stretch.
Hot shower and hot coffee; preferably at the same time. It starts things right. A bag of breakfast treats just for me. Oh my god, this croissant is sinful. These people are good. Damn good.

woman applying red lipstick in a mirror with a man in the background taking a photo
rainbow row in Charleston SC


Awake. Let’s explore.

Up and at ‘em. Get ready for Charleston’s magic. Historically rich, visually stirring, laden with stories, and absolutely refreshing. All within your grasp. Go on. Paint the town red.

cobblestone alley in Charleston, SC

I hopped on one of those shiny red bikes and within a few pedals found myself at Rainbow Row, I think. The houses here are candy-colored. These trees are ancient giants. Cobblestone streets and ocean air. I like it here.

a red bicycle with a basket and The Vendue logo


A long, leisurely lunch.

Turn an eye to the sky. Take your time. Stay a while. Eat well. Drink well. You’re invited to enjoy our menu on the rooftop for a refreshing cocktail and a meal that’s on point. Just the right amount of fuel for doing what’s next.

Go Up Top

We kept hearing about this iconic rooftop bar; the “stuff of legends” type talk. Being ever curious, we headed up. Immediately smitten with the views, we drank in the sun with zero regrets.

woman squeezing a lime onto a plate of fish tacos


Art tours & wine

We offer many amenities here at The Vendue… but we thought we’d throw in an extra 200 at no charge. We have the views. You bring the perspective. Join the daily hotel art tour. We even drizzle in a little vino for good measure.

Views on us

The art has me in its clutches. I find myself wanting more. We join the hotel’s art tour with wine in hand. I let their docent lead the charge. Down the rabbit hole. I get lost amongst the art.

Painting of an older woman flipping her middle fingers


The magic of a good dinner.

Among other things, we’re really, really good at food here at Revival. Whatever your heart delights and appetite desires… we’re here to serve and we do it well. You’ll see. And taste. And enjoy.

Eat Well
man and woman dining at Revival Restaurant

Still reeling from the delight of the last few hours, we were somehow starving for more. Dinner was the perfect fix. The duck or the fresh catch? What’s the story with these “forbidden black rice grits?”

Now I’m curious.


What’s in a nightcap?

It’s time to wind down. Call it a day and toast to its goodness. Milk & cookies? See us in the lobby after sunset. Cocktails and good fun? See us on the rooftop. Just have a great night.

Back to the roof

Nightcap on the roof or milk and cookies? If I were a better person, I’d go cookies, but sipping a Manhattan with those views? Guilty. Unapologetically so. And who knows what good trouble I might find. Hopefully a little.

man in red suit and woman in blue dress drinking champagne on a rooftop at night

Start dreaming at the best art hotel in Charleston.

The Enclave


Rise to Your Exclusive Escape

Embrace the new day in your secluded sanctuary. Robe-clad with espresso from the lobby, and your preferred breakfast pastries delivered at your leisure. No matter when your morning starts, it will start blissfully.

Discover Our Rooms

I breathe in the tranquility. Savoring espresso from the lobby, a warm pastry. This is morning done right. I feel catered to, special. This experience is sheer indulgence.

The Enclave hotel room desk area at The Vendue hotel in downtown Charleston, SC.
Broad Street, Charleston, SC with colorful buildings and palm trees


Discover Charleston's Charm

All set for a day of discovery. Charleston’s enchanting blend of historical richness, architectural beauty, and captivating tales is yours to explore. It’s a colorful masterpiece awaiting your touch.

red bicycle with The Vendue logo

I grab a chilled bottle of water and a handful of sweets. Their bikes took me on a journey, past candy-colored houses, beneath towering trees, over cobblestone streets. This city isn’t just a place, it’s a kaleidoscope of history and wonder.

a pink house with palm trees in front of it


Lunch : Your Rooftop Rendezvous

The Rooftop beckons. Take is slow. Relish the views. Savor a cocktail, delight in a perfectly crafted meal. Relaxed sophistication fuels your next chapter of exploration.

Ascend to the rooftop

We rose above the city, a landscape of beauty before us. The sun, the breeze, the laughter. I took a sip, tasted perfection. I could get used to this.

a table topped with plates of food and drinks


Uncover Artistic Treasures

The Enclave offers not just an exclusive retreat, but an artistic immersion. Traverse our curated collection with a complimentary art tour and a touch of vino. An afternoon of aesthetic delight.

Experience Artful Serenity

Art whispers stories around every corner. I let the docent guide my curiosity, a glass of wine in hand. Im drawn into a world of color and emotion. I feel enriched.

painting by denise stewart


Savor the Evening Elegance

Dine at Revival, where culinary artistry meets local charm. Whatever tempts your palate, our chefs are eager to impress. Prepare for a night of gastronomic pleasure.

Dine in Elegance
a woman sitting at a table with a plate of food and a glass of wine

Dinner, a symphony of flavors. Fresh catch or the signature duck, every bite is an experience. I feel the joy of discovery, of savoring. This is a feast for the senses.


Toast to the Night Sky

Conclude your day with a serene note. Milk & cookies or a handcrafted cocktail on the rooftop under the starlit Charleston sky. Here’s to the day well-lived.

Relish Your Nightcap

I gaze at the night sky, cocktail in hand. The city sleeps beneath the stars, and I toast to the day. There’s a magic here that feels exclusively mine.

pink cocktail with mint leaves and raspberry garnishes

Start dreaming at the best art hotel in Charleston.

Worth Noting

Keep exploring. There’s more to discover.

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