Welcome to the Jungle

May 3rd through July 28th

Beneath the Canopy

This exhibit showcases an adventurous exploration of the coexistence of chaos and harmony within the jungles of the world and our minds. A group of 20 artists boldly express the delicate balances of solidarity/reliance, danger/serenity, death/vitality in ways that expose both the resilience and fragility of the living experience. In an environment faced with undeniable and relentless challenges, time and time again, year after year, the jungle still blooms.

“Nature’s beauty lies hidden in the chaos of the jungle.”
– John Anderson

Featured Artists:

Gabriel Lovejoy
Denise Stewart Sanabria
Allison Kary
Riley Cooley
Olivia Bonilla
Mary Engle
Kelly Jelnik
Cassandra Kim
Sam Malpass
Sonny Behan
Amanda Grieve
Joe Weatherly
Katie Koenig
Kate Richie
Larry Moore

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