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Olivia Bonilla

Olivia Bonilla is a painter and sculptor born in Vermont. She earned her BFA in painting, with a minor in sculpture from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Bonilla continues to focus on unconventional materiality, an inventive approach to color theory within sculpture. Cement transforms into the soft and fluffy, resin to irresistible hard candy.

Cowboy Candy is a grid of 50 individual resin based sculptures all telling playful and vibrantly colorful stories meant to inspire the urban cowboy in all of us. Olivia’s work explores personal nostalgia and indulgence through references of sweets and toy culture with a 80’s and 90’s retro flare. Olivia’s creative process starts with the construction of a colorful cement toy gun followed by the vibrantly dyed resin she then fills with toys such as hotwheels, mario- cart coins, and miniature rubix cubes. Color theory is an incredible strength of Olivia’s creative process. Each sculpture tells its own story and holds a unique vibrant energy.

Olivia Bonilla is also represented locally by Miller Gallery at 149 ½ E Bay Street.

Individual Cowboy Candy pieces

6”x 6”

Wall sculpture of candy toy cowboy guns

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Featured at The Vendue – Charleston’s Art Hotel.